Beneficial Insects for Your Garden

arden-insectsGarden plants attract different kinds of insect that range from slugs to aphids. However, before you can think of buying insecticide, it is good to know the type of insects that are in your garden. While the pests destroy your tomatoes and squash, other insects may be beneficial to you. Beneficial insects actually prey on other pests that gardeners detest. Here are some beneficial garden insects.

1.Green Lacewings
Usually, beautiful lacewings feed on nectar, pollen as well as honeydew. However, green lacewing larvae are actually voracious predators. Usually, the larvae feed on aphids. They help in reducing aphids in the garden.

2.Lady Beetles
Usually, Lady Beetles feed on scale insects, aphids, mealy bugs and also mites. In case you garden have Lady Beetles, it is possible to get more bang actually for your buck since both adults and larvae usually feed on pests.

3.Assassin Bugs
These insects use disguises, trickery or even plain brute force so that they can get a meal. Most of assassin bugs usually specialize in certain type of prey. However, as a group, they usually feed on all insects in the garden. However, you should be very careful when handling them since they can bit you.

4.Minute Pirate Bugs
They are very tiny and you may not even see them. You can however, notice adults since they usually have black bodies that have white chevron pattern actually on their back. These insects are beneficial since they can reduce mites and aphids in your garden.

5.Ground Beetles
Ground Beetle larvae help in pest control. Usually, the larvae in garden soil and feed on root maggots, slugs, cutworms among other harmful pests in your garden. Some species also hunt for insect eggs or caterpillars.

6.Big-Eyed Bugs
They are quite small and you may not see them. Both the adults and the nymphs feed on aphids, mites and insect eggs. They are very beneficial to farmers. They should not be killed.

7.Damsel Bugs
These insects feed on caterpillars and aphids. Nymphs are also predators and they usually eat small insects as well as their eggs. They are very beneficial insects that should be protected and maintained in a garden.