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Common Non-Toxic Garden Pest Control Methods

Your garden is your pride and whether you grow a bed of vibrant flowers, fruits or vegetables or simply a freshly cropped turf of grass, one thing you need to be aware of are pests that can interfere with the maturity of your garden plants or cause distress to your pets. The need for means of pest control are evident.

organic-garden-pest-controlMany methods of pest control employ the use of chemicals, often toxic that can cause harm to your plants and pets and even pose a danger to your physical well being. The methods of pest control you use are especially important to your health if you enjoy consuming the produce of your own garden.
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How To Prevent Raccoons From Digging Up Your Lawn

raccoon damage to lawn

raccoon damage to lawn

If raccoons are digging up your lawn, then you may be exposed to a variety of problems. The digging not only leave your lawn an ugly, but also puts you at a high risk of contracting certain diseases. Raccoons carry with themselves the diseases rabies and with them in the lawn, you are at a risk of having in encounter with them. If they bite you, you will be exposed to contracting the disease. Raccoons also carry with themselves certain parasites on their body. These also can leave you exposed to disease and also affect the plants in the lawn preventing them from doing well. To prevent all these problems, you need to deter the animals from your lawn as soon as you realise their presence. We asked the foremost experts in raccoon removal in Oakville and below are some of the ways that can help you deal with them. Continue reading