Common Non-Toxic Garden Pest Control Methods

Your garden is your pride and whether you grow a bed of vibrant flowers, fruits or vegetables or simply a freshly cropped turf of grass, one thing you need to be aware of are pests that can interfere with the maturity of your garden plants or cause distress to your pets. The need for means of pest control are evident.

organic-garden-pest-controlMany methods of pest control employ the use of chemicals, often toxic that can cause harm to your plants and pets and even pose a danger to your physical well being. The methods of pest control you use are especially important to your health if you enjoy consuming the produce of your own garden.

One of the most simple means of pest control is to maintain a healthy garden and avoid insect damage and plant infections in the first place. Physically removing plants that look weak means you can stop it from rotting and inviting pests, whilst disinfecting those tools that have already been used to remove infested plants helps to prevent pests from spreading elsewhere.

A common way to prevent most soft bodied pests such as snails, slugs and earwigs is to spread diatomaceous earth around your flower beds. This is a fine powder containing tiny particles of a naturally occurring, sedimentary rock. The small particles of the diatomaceous rock is harmful to the exoskeletons of these insects keeping them away from your plants.

An inexpensive method of alluring insects away from your plants are the use of pheromone based traps that use the mating scents of the insect to attract other insects of the same kind. These are best placed strategically attracting pests away from your plants!

An often overlooked but highly effective method of keeping rodents at bay is the simple application of peppermint oil to an old rag and placed by the most plagued areas in your garden. Rodents are allergic to peppermint and this is sure to send them running.

Keep in mind these non toxic methods of pest control and enjoy a much healthier and more beautiful garden!