How to Keep Wasps and Bees From Your Pool

wasp1There’s nothing better on a hot blistering summer day then to take a nice cooling dip in the pool. Whether it’s with your best of buds or just a nice moment alone to cool off, nothing can ruin the day quicker than being invaded by wasps and bees! So if you want to know how to keep wasps and bees from your pool just relax and read on. Today we’re going to keep you the life of the party and more importantly safe. To do so we’ve compiled three ways that you can put the party back in pool party.

First and foremost the potential dangers of being near wasps can be pretty fearful, and rightly so. If you’re with a group of people you want to make sure that all individuals know the risks. If anyone is deadly allergic to a wasp’s sting you need to get to safety and call for professional wasp control.
Now, assuming that the situation isn’t out of hand one of the best ways to rid the area of wasps or bees is as simple as dish soap. Trial and error tests show that in most encounters if the wasps or bees can be lured into a container of water with liquid dish soap the insects will sink to the bottom when they land in. To lure them away from the pool a good option is to place raw food to attract the insects. Once their by the water they will more then likely fly on in and your trusty soapy water will clean up the situation.

Another great tried and tested way is to get their engines revving. Now, what we mean by this has really more to do with oil than anything. Think ocean oil spill, just on a lot smaller scale… Motor oil is a very heavy smelling liquid, this sent is easily picked up by the bees and the wasps; attracting them right to their doomed fate! This saves you the headache of having to provide both a liquid and something to attract them too it. Don’t worry this oil spill won’t get you in as much trouble as the BP oil spill.

Obviously bug spray or wasp repellent would do the trick but if you find yourself in a pinch and don’t have these readily available we suggest using an aerosol can. Whatever it is that happens to be in your supplies either a cleaner or an air deodorizer will do the trick. Just point and shoot directly at the pests, the sticky liquid will weigh down their wings ensuring that they can’t fly up and harm you. We suggest those with only the quickest reflexes attempt this scenario.

Remember folks all three of these ways will insure that you and your friends can enjoy the hot weather and relax poolside. It’s also worth noting that wasps are usually more dangerous than bees but as long as you don’t aggravate them, more than likely you won’t find yourself getting stung.