Popular Raccoon Deterrents

Raccoons are arguably the most loved animals across the globe. To this end, you will find them as favorite animal for children, Disney movie theatrics and nature lovers. This fascination with raccoons can be attribute to their attractive ringed tails and charming masked faces.

While they are cute and cuddly, raccoons can be highly destructive. They have been reported to devastate flower planting, herbs, vegetable gardens and new shrubs. They also carry an array of infectious disease, which has the capability to kill both people and pets. More so, with their urine and feces, they are able to wreck havoc especially if habituated in an enclosed space in a nick of time.

It is these devastating effects of raccoons that has necessitated the need to have deterrents to chase or scare them off. This is based on the virtue that killing raccoons is against animal rights. According to Raccoon Removal Scarborough company, to achieve this, there are top  three raccoon deterrents that are mainly used in managing raccoon population.

These deterrents include:

Havahart 1085 Easy-Set, One-Door Cage, Trap- This, trap utilizes the trap and release method to manage raccoon population in an area. As the saying goes Once bitten twice shy”, the raccoon will most likely avoid the area next time.

Motion-activated water spray-This deterrent is based on simple reflex action. It has been used in a wide range of areas to control and manage small animals, deer, dog, or human intruder with much success. The ejected water sprays hit the animal thus forcing the animal to flee.

Pepper spray- Effective pepper spray can be used to adequately manage raccoons and hence the associated losses. This deterrent is highly advisable as it is made from readily available ingredients. As such, its price is more customers friendly. Importantly, it must be used in an effective way to achieve targeted goal.