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How To Keep Skunks Away From Your Garden

Due to its scavenging nature, skunks can eat anything from garbage to bugs. If skunks happen to get a morsel in your garden, then be assured that they will revisit the place. Due to this revisiting, they can make your garden a feeding place. The fact remains that you have to remove skunks from your garden, but again you have to remove it in a humane way like Skunk removal Toronto experts do it. Continue reading

Keeping Rabbits Away from Your Garden


rabbit in garden

Rabbits can cause havoc to your garden, yet trapping them can be quite tricky given that in many states it’s actually illegal to kill them. So the question begs; how do you keep rabbits away from your garden? Well there is a simple, cheap, easy and organic remedy to the problem of rabbit invasion to your garden. You will need to collect certain apparatus in order to effectively achieve this, According to Scarborough animal control they are:
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