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How to Deal with Urban Wildlife at Your Property

lawn-damaged-by-raccoonMore and more wildlife is getting entangled with human life in their homes or premises. This rising conflict is raising difficulties as it may be harmful to both the humans and the animals. There has been a rise of people holding a wildlife pest control license in countries such as the USA. The increase of the people holding the license is mainly due to the encroachment of residential areas to regions where animals live. Wildlife is attracted to residential houses intentionally or unintentionally, the wildlife problem in residential areas has increased because they move looking for food or better habitat for themselves .

When looking to find ways to deal with animals that encroach on urban areas one has to be able to ask the following guestion;

  • Are you ready to kill it?
  • Do you have knowledge on how to dispose a carcass?
  • Do you have the knowledge on how to release the animal to the wild once captured?
  • Do you have ideas on setting specific baits to specific targeted species?

Do you know after how long you should be checking your traps once they are set Once wildlife is captured one can kill it, sell it or even give it away. The wildlife can also be relocated to their natural habit. It’s also vital to note that every wild animal killed in a residential area should be reported to the game commission.

The solution to controlling animals in residential areas can vary, they may include;

Hiring a animal control company for example I always use services provided by  to solve the problem of any animals that are found in the residential areas.

  1. One can get more involved and get traps set around the residential vicinity.
  2. Modifications to the area surrounding the house can be made to prevent any entry of wild and unwanted animal into your compound.
  3. Removal of wild and long vegetation around your residential area, this will make it easy to see any wild animals around and also provide fewer areas where animals can set up their habitat.
  4. Placing a fence around the urban area and the natural habitat this separates the two distinct areas. Though some people do attract wildlife into their vicinity by offering food through the garbage ad scraps of food disposed without care others attract them even if they have the cleanest houses and the most secure modifications made. It is critical that people who live in areas that are known to have wildlife in the vicinity to learn ways of coping with them.