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How to Keep Wasps and Bees From Your Pool

wasp1There’s nothing better on a hot blistering summer day then to take a nice cooling dip in the pool. Whether it’s with your best of buds or just a nice moment alone to cool off, nothing can ruin the day quicker than being invaded by wasps and bees! So if you want to know how to keep wasps and bees from your pool just relax and read on. Today we’re going to keep you the life of the party and more importantly safe. To do so we’ve compiled three ways that you can put the party back in pool party.

First and foremost the potential dangers of being near wasps can be pretty fearful, and rightly so. If you’re with a group of people you want to make sure that all individuals know the risks. If anyone is deadly allergic to a wasp’s sting you need to get to safety and call for professional wasp control.
Now, assuming that the situation isn’t out of hand one of the best ways to rid the area of wasps or bees is as simple as dish soap. Trial and error tests show that in most encounters if the wasps or bees can be lured into a container of water with liquid dish soap the insects will sink to the bottom when they land in. To lure them away from the pool a good option is to place raw food to attract the insects. Once their by the water they will more then likely fly on in and your trusty soapy water will clean up the situation.

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Getting Rid of Ants

Pest Control Secrets – Getting Rid of Ants

One has to agree that ants are very irritating when they invade homes in search of something sweet to consume. They can appear everywhere but more especially close to our food. Since they live in colonies does not make the situation any better. Just when you think you have gotten rid of them others start appearing from nowhere. There are a couple of things one needs to know about ants. Many pest control technicians have their own secret ways of ensuring that ant problems are never experienced again. This article will reveal some secrets of how to deal with ants or call ant control Toronto services.

If a person lives in a wooden house then be prepared to have unwanted guest. Many ant species like to make their dwellings on wood and they will make tunnels by chewing through the material. The presence of soil on the wood, which is dump, makes an indication that the ants have made their home there. There is however a simple technique used to ensure these pests are no longer a bother. The wood can be painted regularly by oily paint that is recommended because the smell will drive away these ants.

Why they are coming to your house

This is a well-known fact that a single ant can detect a sugary item from miles away. That is why having food that contains sugar will obviously attract these insects. The remedy for this is to simply ensure that the food is well stored. Ensure they are covered with tight lids since ants are small creatures and will sneak through the tiniest gaps. Left over food and rubbish should be disposed off properly in this way they will not creep up in the house.

Identifying the source of ants

One can also find out the source of ants by trapping them. This could be by placing the sugary food in order to bring them out from their hiding areas. They will come out in numbers and from here it is easy to find the source. Once this source is established, for example a crack on the wall paraffin can be poured onto this crack. This will kill ants that are located inside as well as destroy any eggs and sealed way back.

One, small secret

One secret most pest control technicians use is pouring boric acid on ant hideouts. This is a stomach poison and when sprinkled the ants will automatically ingest it. The result is them dying in numbers. The good thing about this chemical is that it is natural and found in many drug stores. One does not need any authorization from any specialist.

Get rid of fire ants

Fire ants are usually red in color and have a very painful sting. They make their dwellings in hill like nests made from soil. This means they are likely to be located in areas where the soil is plentiful. Getting rid of them is simple. One only needs to pour boiling water in the nests this kills both the ants and the eggs as well.

These are some of the secrets known by many pest controllers. They are safe and very effective you will achieve the result of getting rid of ants once their source is found. However, it should be noted that chemicals should be handled with caution and kept away from children.